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Welcome to ProSpecStrings.

At ProSpecStrings we have a passion and our passion is stringed instruments.  While we are still in our infancy we are dedicated to bringing the Canadian musician the finest accessories for their treasured instruments.  Of course our main product is strings and we do stock strings not only for guitar and bass but also mandolin, ukulele and banjo.  But we don’t stop there, we also offer strings for violin, cello and double bass as well as European and Middle Eastern instruments such as oud, lute, balalaika and bouzouki.

Take a look at our premium guitar and mandolin picks by ChickenPicks and V-Picks.  For electric instruments we offer DiMarzio pickups and parts and by extension we offer Ruby Tubes. We are now offering fine leather straps by Steph Accessories of Montreal.

Here’s a list of other offerings.

  • La Bella Strings
  • Rotosound Strings
  • Ernie Ball Strings
  • Elixir Strings
  • Curt Mangan Strings
  • C.F. Martin Strings
  • Thomastik-Infeld Strings
  • Pyramid Strings
  • DR Handmade Strings
  • Cleartone Strings
  • Sfarzo Strings
  • GHS Strings
  • John Pearse Strings
  • Kyser Capos
  • Shubb Capos
  • Paige Capos
  • Sound Synergies
  • Loxx Strap Locks
  • Right-On! Straps
  • Golden Gate Picks
  • Hipshot Products
  • Kluson Products
  • Gotoh Products
  • Vega Trem
  • Peterson Tuners
  • Snark Tuners

We are located in Montreal and ship throughout Canada and the United States.

I am dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and quick order processing.


Wayne Vallis

ProSpec Music Accessories Inc., 4949 Boul. Metropolitan E., Suite 142, St-Leonard, QC H1R 1Z6 – (514) 325-1030

Monday to Friday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sunday (Closed)