Founded in 2009 Mick’s Picks has been an innovator from the beginning.

Our first product was the UKE-1 pick. UKE-1 has become the #1 composite ukulele & bass pick in the USA! Soon after the initial success Mick and his trusted accomplice Shamus set out to make a whole line of incredible musical accessory products. As Shamus puts it “It was just the reasonable course of evolution ’round here.”

Mick and Shamus are known to take their time to get things right too. It’s rumored that the duo hung about the Mick’s research bunker for months working on their fretboard conditioner recipe. It’s named formula 394 because it was the 39th unique formulation and contains 4 key ingredients. Wow! Picky, picky, picky.

Mick’s Picks products are made in the USA by musicians and if Shamus doesn’t love it, we don’t sell it!