Cleartone Custom Light 80/20 Bronze .011-.052


Cleartone 80/20s are made using a premium, US-sourced blend of 80% copper and 20% zinc to enhance treble and give your guitar a brighter sounding tone. Pair this with Cleartone’s patented EMP treatment which is scientifically proven to increase your guitar’s volume and sustain and you get a bright and clear sound that is sure to cut through the mix!

Other coated string brands claim their coating won’t affect tone but that’s not the case when you put thick tone-killing layers of material on a vibrating string. Cleartone Strings by contrast, feature the thinnest coating in the industry.  At one micron thin, they really do feel and sound like traditional strings but with the added plus of 3-5 times longer string life.  In fact, Cleartones were tested to be 36% louder on average than the leading coated string brand, and even 10% louder than an un-coated set according to an independent sound lab.  This means you can change your strings less and be sure your guitar sounds great every time.


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