Cruz Tools Bass Player Tech Kit


The Cruz Tools Bass Tech Kit has professional grade tools that are stored in a handy pouch able to fit in most gig bags. This handy kit includes a precision 6-in-1 screwdriver, a 3 LED flashlight, 6 steel ruler, 5 diagonal string cutters, 15-blade thickness gauge, and capo. Additionally, the GTBK1 bass kit also includes 8 hex keys, which are color coded gold for metric and black for inch sizes.

The Easy Setup Guide included with your kit will make you comfortable with truss rod, action, pickup, and intonation adjustment. After just a few setups, you’ll immediately know when a minor tweak is called for.

The Denier polyester carrying case also contains a compartment behind the tools to store the Easy Setup Guide, your owner’s manual, and a spare set of strings. Also included is a pocket to store your picks (picks not included).

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