DiMarzio EP1101 Switchcraft Toggle Switch Straight


DiMarzio relies on Switchcraft® for our pickup selector switches because they’re simply the best we’ve found. Switchcraft® has been making these since 1946, using military spec designs and, along with their practically bullet-proof quality, they also consistently produce the most natural and musical sound. Lesser switches suffer from noticeable tone loss and use a rounded contact top that notoriously causes the switch to fall out of position after minimal usage. Switchcraft’s design uses a square contact that creates two times the contact area, resulting in an incomparably reliable hold in any position.

A flush-mount flat knurled nut and a deep knurled nut are included, as well as screw-on black and cream knobs.

These switches directly retrofit USA Gibson®, with a 15/32”-32 threaded bushing.

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