Hipshot Kickass 5 string bass bridge black

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Following the wildly successful 4 string Hipshot Kickass bridge, a lovingly dedicated to the granddaddy of high mass bridges, Hipshot® is proud to offer the 5 String KickAss™ Bass Bridge.

This bridge is available in two versions: Style I for BadAss V upgrades, and Style II for 5 String Squier Upgrades.
(Note the Badass V and hence the KickAss Style I are not ‘drop in’ upgrades on Fender basses, although it is not very complex. See the drawings link below)

The KickAss™ features the following: Our unique saddle design features pre-notched inserts (no filing required). These inserts allow you to easily adjust your string spacing from a narrow .656″ to a wide .750″ and anywhere in between! Comes standard with brass saddle inserts which emphasize the fundamental tone and give your bass a mellow sound. Bridge ships complete with mounting screws, wrenches etc in factory packaging.

ProSpec Strings is a Hipshot Distributor.  Full warranty and support on all Hipshot products

1 review for Hipshot Kickass 5 string bass bridge black

  1. Paul Lifsches

    Everybody can see the good variety in name-brand products at a good price. ProSpec Strings is an owner-operated operated business with personal service by Wayne, himself. Try him out, and you’ll appreciate his great personal service and prompt shipping. My friend who referred me has done much more business than I have with him and recommends him highly, also.

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