La Bella 760FGS Deep Talkin’ Bass Gold

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We’re excited to introduce our latest take on the classic flat wound bass string — La Bella Gold Flats. Our proprietary golden alloy ribbon wire used for the exterior wrap adds a tonal mid-range unlike any other flat wound on the market. La Bella Gold Flats also offer more attack and are slightly softer to the touch than our traditional stainless steel flat wounds. Our Gold Flats’ beautiful gold finish will look great on any vintage or modern bass.

In keeping with La Bella’s tradition of hand-made products, our artisans use a special grinding process as a first stage to achieve a smooth string surface. Then to realize the proper buffed exterior, a meticulous method of hand polishing is applied to each string surface ensuring a smooth feel and easy playability. We hope you enjoy the hours of craftsmanship that went into each set!

Due to the nature of the alloy, strings may appear dull over time. To keep your Gold Flats looking their best, you can restore them to their original luster by first cleaning them with rubbing alcohol, then by applying a brass cleaner on a clean cloth and rubbing the strings up and down until brightened. We suggest carefully removing your strings before cleaning.

This particular set is NOT suitable for basses that string through the body.

  • Flat Wound Golden Alloy; hand-polished for incredibly smooth finish
  • Standard Tension
  • String Gauges: .045, .065, .085, .105
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
  • Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

This particular set is NOT suitable for basses with bridges that require strings to pass through the body of the instrument. .

All standard bass sets are LONG scale length (37″ ball-end to silk i.e. string winding).


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1 review for La Bella 760FGS Deep Talkin’ Bass Gold

  1. Lowdown Bass

    A new terrific addition to their traditional flats. More punch & definition in the mids & bit more growl in the mix as well the traditional thump. There is a sweetness & more clarity in the upper register and slower decay. The advantage of a bit more bite & edge is wonderful.

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