La Bella 760N-S Deep Talkin' Bass Black Nylon Tape Short Scale


La Bella 760N-S Deep Talkin’ Bass Black Nylon Tape Short Scale


Re-designed for improved tone, sustainability and longevity, these stainless steel wound strings have an outer wrapping of black nylon tape. Ideal for fretless electric basses, these strings’ warm tone also sound great on all acoustic bass guitars.

  • Black Nylon Tape wound strings with extra smooth surface
  • Warm, deep, vintage tone; long sustain
  • Standard Tension
  • String Gauges: .060, .070, .094, .115
  • Made in the USA with American Wire
  • Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness

Also available in 5-String 760N-B (.060, .070, .094, .115 .135) & 6-String 760N-CB (.043 .060, .070, .094, .115, .135) models.

All standard bass sets are LONG scale length (37″ Ball-End to Silk). Also available in other scales for 4-String, 5-String & 6-String Sets:

  • Short Scale: 760N-S – 32″ Ball-End to Silk
  • Medium Scale: 760N-M – 34″ Ball-End to Silk
  • Extra-Long Scale: 760N-XL – 38″ Ball-End to Silk


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