La Bella 7710N Bass Black Nylon Tape Wound on Rope


Over 30 years ago, Ron Carter came to La Bella Strings with a vision: a jazz string that captured the rich tone of gut and sustain of steel, but without the headaches of gut and overly metallic sound of chrome. Months of R&D alongside Ron Carter and Attila Zoller resulted in the formation behind the 7710N Black Nylon Tape Wound Double Bass set. Wound with a black nylon tape outer-wrapping, this unique string design is ideal for jazz pizzicato, particularly solos. The result is a bright attack with a warm tone, creating a set truly unparalleled by any other double bass set on the market.

  • Black Nylon Tape Wound
  • Rope Core
    1. 711N-G
    2. 7712N-D
    3. 7713N-A
    4. 7714N-E

As with all La Bella double bass sets, the standard double bass set is _ size. Both the 7710T and 7710N are available in _, _, and 4/4sizes, and also for Ampeg BB1 Baby Bass (Ampeg is a registered trademark of St. Louis Music). Optional High “C”, Low “C” and Low “C” in Extended Scale are also available.

  • 7715N-C High C
  • 7716N-C Low C
  • 7716N-CX Low C, Extended Scale
  • Set 7710NBB Ampeg BB1 Baby Bass

Note: For arco playing, use a synthetic bow with rosin.

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