Mick’s Picks UKE-2 (3 pack)


Mick’s Picks is the maker of the UKE-1 pick, the #1 composite material ukulele & bass pick sold in the USA.

UKE-1 is now available in our CHROMA colored series, and both UKE-1 & 2 are available in our exclusive TRIAD shape.
UKE series picks are made from our exclusive Flextex composite material that makes for a durable and flexible pick that feels great in your hand and actually enhances the tone quality of nylon stringed instruments. These are not the typical thick, hard chunks of felt some other companies sell.

Our TRIAD series is a larger sized pick with three different tip shapes on 1 pick! Sharp, Standard and a Modified Lazy Radius.

UKE-1 – 2.5mm thick
UKE-2 – 3.8MM thick

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