Orange VT-1000 Valve Tester


The compact and extremely easy to use VT1000 is a fully automatic valve tester, which performs a wide range of tests quickly and accurately. The benefits of using the VT1000 are clear and wide-reaching; users can quickly and simply match and test valves, plus receive a reliable health check as to whether their valves are good, bad or worn.

Orange Amps developed the world’s first fully automatic, portable, digital valve tester, the VT1000, to make it easy to test amp valves. Until now testing valves with little or no knowledge of valve theory was difficult, expensive and often unreliable. This new product will test all popular power and pre-amp valves. Its ease of use will appeal to all valve users whether amateur, professional or in the music retail trade. While the valves it can test are limited to mainly hi-fi amp/preamps and guitar amp types, it tests the most popular of these. Often, valve equipment users rarely test valves beyond these types, and this tester goes far beyond the limited tests a simple lower-cost emissions tester can do. This tester rivals the tests that even the most costly Hickok mutual conductance testers, like the 539C, can do, at less than one-fourth the price!

The unit has one octal and two nine pin valve sockets for different valve types; simply insert the valve to be tested into the correct socket, select the valve type from the list on the unit and press ‘OK’ to test. The rest of the testing is completely AUTOMATED, there are no complex dials and switches to set, you merely sit back and watch! The results are displayed clearly and concisely using an array of LEDs and will test for a wide range of fault conditions, which could easily cause damage to other components. The simplicity of operation belies what is going on ‘inside the box’, where a CPU controlled testing system is in operation, allowing full control over all inter-electrode switching and measurement operations. In approximately two minutes, the VT1000 performs an extensive series of AUTOMATIC tests including:

  • Heater filament test: Short circuit
  • Heater filament test: Open circuit
  • Heater filament test: Tolerance check
  • Heater cathode insulation: Leakage
  • Heater cathode insulation: Short Circuit
  • Tests for heater current abnormalities
  • Amplification factor
  • Voltage gain
  • Power gain
  • Screen grid test
  • Mutual conductance test
  • Dual test for double triodes
  • Emission
  • Inter electrode leakage
  • Inter electrode short circuit
  • Flash-over (arc detection, high voltage breakdown)
  • Gas ionization test

The VT1000 really opens the door to everyone to have an extremely simple, portable, reliable, inexpensive and safe way to test valves. This unit is brand new, calibrated at the factory, and comes complete with a 90 day defect warranty.

The VT1000 incorporates patent-pending technology and currently tests the following valves:

EL34/6CA7; EL34L; E34L; 6L6, G, GA, GB, and GC, 5932, 1614; 6V6/6V6G/6V6GT/6V6GTA, 5992; KT66/EL37/7581A; KT77; KT88; 6550; 5881, 6L6WGB; EL84/6BQ5/7189/7189A; ECC81/12AT7/12AY7/6072/6201/6679; ECC82/12AU7/5814A/6189/ECC186/6680/5963/7316; ECC83/12AX7/5751/12AD7/12DF7/6681/7025; ECC99; 12BH7/A.

The VT-1000 weighs 5.2 pounds and comes complete with an AC power supply and full instruction manual. This operates on 110-125V AC and has a North American plug. For use in other parts of the world, a step-down transformer and/or plug adaptor will be needed and are not included with the VT-1000.


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