Peterson StroboPlus HDC


Handheld Strobe Tuner / Metronome / Timer

Charge up this large-screen chromatic StroboPLUS HDC tuner (with over 200 Sweetened™ tunings) and use the built-in microphone or ¼” input to plug in and tune…it’s that simple! Adjust the display color to your liking. Edit with software to customize this tuner to be precisely what you want it to be!

Ultra-High Tuning Resolution

All Peterson products provide guaranteed tuning results to within +/-0.1 cent (1/1000th of a fret or semitone). The StroboPLUS HDC employs Peterson’s proprietary Strobo Tuning Technology to tune your instrument to an ultra-high degree of accuracy. This level of accuracy is an industry benchmark and what has made Peterson the choice of professionals around the globe for over 70 years.

Real-Time Tuning Response

The StroboPLUS HDC’s Virtual Strobe display is DIRECTLY driven by the input signal. That means you’ll see the attack, sustain, and the decay of the note being tuned – all in real-time. Its speed of movement is in direct correlation to the distance from the target pitch and the display doesn’t exhibit the often found jerky motion found in needle or LED-based tuners. You can literally watch the strobe bands settle as you pull that note into the target pitch!

Metronome Included

The StroboPLUS HDC includes the most innovative and versatile metronome as a standard feature. Hundreds of subdivision combinations, accent patterns, polyrhythms, and user-imagined tempo maps are at your disposal. Tactile feedback is also available with the use of an optional BodyBeat Vibe Clip.

Loads of Sweetened Tunings and More

The StroboPLUS HDC comes with over 180 factory preset Sweetened Tunings that cover a wide variety of electric and acoustic instruments. Sweetened Tunings address the specific inharmonicities of the selected instruments to optimize their tuning. Also included standard are a collection of guided tunings that include popular drop, alternate, artist-specific, and standard string number tunings. Native compatibility with Peterson Connect allows users to configure and update their StroboPLUS HDC for a personal tuning experience.

Peterson Connect Enabled

The Peterson Connect application for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Windows/OS X), and Chromium browsers provide a simple method to configure and customize your StroboPLUS HDC. Create your own sweeteners, navigate the user tuning trading post, or arrange preset tunings before the gig. Tempo Maps can also be loaded to the StroboPLUS HDC via Peterson Connect for practicing musical scores – complete with tempo changes! Peterson Connect is also the hub for updating firmware ensuring that it remains up-to-date with any future software upgrades.

  • Strobe Tuner
  • Tone Generator
  • Metronome
  • Timer
  • Adjustable Display Color


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