Seydel Gecko (Pete Farmer) Harmonica Holder


The GECKO harmonica holder comes with a practical magnetic mount, quick-drop functionality, and all possible adjustment options – developed for stress-free playing – a must-have for all harmonica-loving guitar players.

10 main features that are not present on other holders:

The strong neodymium magnet holder allows safe fitting of the instrument: the magnetic force is higher than 4 kg (>8lb; ferromagnetic steel cover plates required)

  • Quick fitting/swapping of the instrument with one hand only
  • Simple and individual adjustment of the cradle angle at the mouth
  • Specially designed hinge with “Memory-Lock” and “Quick-Drop” functionality: fast flip up and lower to fit into playing or pause position, refer to picture on the right
  • Angle-fine adjustment: allows the exact setting of the joint angle (“Memory-Lock” – adjustment)
  • Lock screw: can be used optionally to stabilize the joint
  • Length variation of the stainless steel neck frame: serves for exact heights adjustment of the instrument in front of the player’s mouth
  • Chest pad made of genuine leather: for slip-resistant support on the player’s chest
  • Soft cushion neck pad: comfortable wear of the lightweight holder (ca. 240g/8.45oz) even with collar-free T-Shirts
  • Transport canvas bag with zipper: safe transport and additional space for microphone/cable and harmonicas

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