V-Picks Insanity


11.85mm –
1 3/8″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

I just came in from the shop. My fingers are burning and tired, and yet, I am a happy camper. I made 10 Insanitys today. I only make them on days that I am inspired to do so. The Insanity has attitude and must be done with attitude. Every one is 100% hand made by myself. Each one is a different and unique piece of art. Are they perfect? Heck no! If you hold them up to the light, you will see each one has it’s own flaws and characteristics. But each one is made with care, skill and attitude. Each one has it’s own mojo, or else it gets thrown in the can.
The Insanity is the thickest guitar pick we make – 11.85mm. There are over 100 grinds involved in making this guitar pick, but its worth every one! Great for Gypsy Jazz playing. Its so easy to hold due to the thick design and gripping effect of this wonderful material. All V-Picks are made of our own special blend of acrylic that tends to cling to your skin when you warm it with your touch. A lot of players with serious hand injuries have told us this is the only pick they can use. I am very touched every time I hear this. Remember, the bigger the pick, the bigger the tone. This is a perfect example of that fact. The Insanity is also a fantastic practice tool. It will teach you to play with a very relaxed hand, wrist and fingers. After playing for a week with this pick, you’ll be astounded how much better your technique will be!
Also, let me say this. The Insanity is such a different pick, if you play it and are not inspired in some way or another, then you have a hole in your soul, Bro.

Read what this happy customer from Germany has to say about this pick……

I’m Fabian, 20 years old and from Germany and the Insanity Pick i ordered arrived yesterday!

Thank you sooo much for inventing this pick! ICH LIEBE ES!!!
I instantly fell in love with it! Couldn’t stop playing for 2 hours, the first I had it in my hands. This is exactly what I needed to increase my playing skills and it brought back all the fun of playing guitar to me! However, this thick pick feels much more natural to me than the thin ones. Can’t explain it but I play better with the Insanity and I have the feeling that it pushed my level after the first 10 minutes! Furthermore it is so beautiful, looks like a diamond! And the tonality is excellent! Such a warm, deep tone. And I couldn’t believe my ears as I turned the distortion on! Such a powerful pick!
Best regards,

And another testimony…..

I’m using the Insanity for more than a month, and what can i say is that i really improved my right hand technique! I’m left handed but I’m playing like a right handed player. I was playing alternate picking only moving the fingers, and notthe complete hand. Now the plectrum is always strait, and i improve my speed!!!
Thank you so much!! Cheers,

“I’ve been using the Insanity for a few weeks now and the promise was kept: it has certainly improved the way I play! Haven’t had any cramps in my picking hand since last week, I’m much more relaxed when playing.
I love this pick, and you guys are great. Keep up the good work!”
Kind regards,
A happy customer,

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