V-Picks Screamer Sapphire Blue


2.75mm –
1 3/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –
This is our #1 top seller and it is now in Sapphire Blue!
Super tone enrichment, durable, and it stays in your hand, not on the floor. This is due to our own unique blend of acrylic that sticks to your fingers when warmed up by your hand.
This guitar pick is very, very popular! It’s a fantastic pick that works for all styles. This pick will knock you out! The all-in-one V-Pick. We recommend this plectrum as an intro to our line. Longer bevel creates sharp attack, brighter tone & more volume. There’s some fast action in this pick! The Screamer has very bright highs and a big low end as well. The mids are not as strong as the other V-Picks due to the bevel design, so this pick actually gives you a mid-range scoop! Most players will really like this pick from the start. Has that wonderful gripping effect. A lot of players never get the chance to try other V-Picks after ordering this one because they are so happy with the Screamer.
Please note: the Screamer and the Acoustic are the exact same pick model.
Also available in Pearly Gates & Ruby Red.
Note: 12/01/16 the Screamer has been greatly improved!  We took a great pick and made it excellent!  The V-PICKS (Patent Pending) DOT has been added. The DOT is designed to be a reference point. It may be the ultimate tactile experience you have had yet in a guitar pick. I have found this DOT to help me play more accurately and precisely because I know EXACTLY where the pick is and how much of it I am holding in my fingers. No question. It also plays a big roll in giving more texture to the pick as some of our players have requested. The slightly raised letters on one side and the DOT on the other is a combination that just may revolutionize the guitar world forever. It’s subtle but very effective.
Check out these testimonials:
Vinni, I know I have told you this before. At the risk of being redundant, I
must once again thank you for introducing me to V-Pick Screamers. I have the
originals, Nite-Glow, and recently a couple Pearly Gates and a Ruby. These picks have changed my technique greatly.
I’m certain you and Mrs. V have heard this many times but I find it
extremely strange to play with other picks now , they just feel wrong in my
hands. Perhaps I am spoiled, but it’s worth it to me to have found the comfort
and increased tone that my Screamers offer.
Thank you also for the complimentary Switchblade that you included in my last
order. It has become a mainstay with my acoustic. I dig the crispness and
clarity it adds to my acoustic tone.
Again, thank you for such an invaluable addition to my playing and technique. I
would love to try out one of the larger picks you offer one day. I think one
would be a awesome practice tool for overall picking technique.
Take Good Care,
b (bilbal)
Hi Nancy! I heard about V Picks from The Gear Page, and I saw the you
tube videos and decided to give them a go. I found a shop here in
Australia that had some stock and I ordered some Screamers, best thing I ever did! Instant improvement in tone, feel, quite staggering really
that a pick could make my guitar sound like it has new strings ALL the
time! I teach guitar too and run my own music school, and I have
converted 27 students and 3 other guitar teachers to V Picks, just in
the last 4 days! How cool is that? And that’s just from me having a
few Screamers, so I’m going to order a lot more now! Thanks for making a brilliant product.
Hello! I have had my v-pick (the screamer) for quite some time now. I still love it and use it every time I play guitar! I remember back how surprised I was when my new v-pick came so quickly in the mail. People are flabbergasted that I would pay $7 for a pick, but the quality, the tone, the feel, the speed, and the prestige far outweighs the my v-pick’s price! Thank you for your business! May God Bless You!!!
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