V-Picks Snake Smokey Mountain



4.10mm –
1 3/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –
Smokey Mountain Series –

Clean, clear, and FAST. Lots of mid-range. Singing quality. Huge, giant, strong tone! Incredible speed, rolls off the strings like butter. Sounds like you’re really attacking your guitar, even though you’re playing with a very light touch. Lots of gripping action, so you won’t be adjusting or thinking about this guitar pick during a show. Relaxes your hand while you are playing. This is an amazing pick indeed! Remember, once you’ve been bitten by the SNAKE, you will never be the same!
This is not a pointed pick and not a rounded one either. But somewhere in between. You get the articulation of a pointed pick and the speed and midrange of a rounded pick. The best of both worlds!
Just a little bit bigger than the Diamond. 10% bigger. Laser cut out the same size as our Large Pointed.

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